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Next plc (styled as next) is a British multinational clothing, footwear and home products retailer, headquartered in Enderby, Leicestershire. It has around 700 stores, of which circa 500 are in the United Kingdom, and circa 200 across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.Next is the largest clothing retailer by sales in the United Kingdom, having overtaken Marks & Spencer in early 2012 and 2014.It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

Disappointed former employee From Doncaster South Yorkshire post this review in indeed: 15 August 2020. Worst company iv ever seen.....No clue whats so ever! With working in the trade for all these years this was the worst place iv ever worked!!! Managers with NO EXPERIENCE! Wages....Well easily to say its just complete Slave labour! Trying to run a Upholstery factory like Distribution isn't ever going to work but they keep pointing it in that direction... Not bothered about anyone's idea's on helping the company progress....complete waste of time trying to help! Now changed the contracts to alternate shifts in which for staff that have issues on doing shifts do to i.e child care etc The company are not listening to these people so its either sign the shift change or but made redundant.....absolutely joke!



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Former Employee - Merchandiser says

"So much blame, no room to grow, nasty HR and a management. Lots of favouritism"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The door is always open at The People Team Hub and we welcome colleagues to express any concerns and thoughts they have. We are disappointed that you felt that you could only express these concerns on glassdoor. However, we’d like to respond. Until this rating of our CEO ( Jeremy Stakol) records measured that 100% of our past and currently employees rated that they approve of our CEO. There is absolutely no racism at Lipsy. We measure our engagement levels and we have only ever seen that people love the sense of teamwork across Lipsy and there hasn’t ever been feedback that there is a high blame culture. We are confident that there isn’t such behaviour at Lipsy. 32.78% of our HO staff have been promoted since Aug 18 and promotions are based on what we see demonstrated in development centres and performance against set objectives. We absolutely love to recognise high performance. There is no forum for favouritism at Lipsy. We have kitchens on each floor and some with eating space. We are limited with space for a dedicated eating area but we encourage people to take a break from desks and to use the kitchen spaces."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"It’s disappointing to hear that you felt Lipsy was an unfriendly environment as this isn’t the culture of Lipsy. As you will have seen from the majority of previous reviews on Glassdoor – there is praise around how supportive and fun our culture is. We welcome everyone at Lipsy to visit The People Team and share their feedback with us. It is a shame that you didn’t as we wouldn’t ever want anyone to experience an unfriendly environment. We wish you the best of luck in your new role and hope things are going well."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"The first few months of working for Lipsy were great. It suddenly went very downhill. We were always understaffed. I ended up having a medical issue that my manager wouldn't let me out of work for. Hourly rate wasn't great and morale was low with a lot of workplace drama for only 4 people working there. The company is a U.S. implant originating in the U.K., originally with 6-10 other U.S. locations, but as of Jan 2018 all U.S. locations are closed. As a junior sales associate, when more and more people quit or were fired unnecessarily, I was forced to take on responsibilities that were store manager level while still being paid a very low wage; most notably closing the store alone, frequently being left alone in the store, and having to participate in corporate conference calls about sales numbers as there was no manager around most times. When our first manager was fired, the second manager made it very clear they did not like me. Eventually the toxic environment pushed me to give notice. Corporate made it clear that meeting sales goals was a priority, but this was hard to do with such high prices, but the number one feedback from customers was the high price range, and there were some days where I sold 1 to 2 items in 6 hours, if anything at all."

Current Employee - Senior Merchandiser says

"Long hours, poor systems which are over reliant on excel."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"Was being made to do store manager duties yet wasn’t even making keyholder salary, was forced to be on sales calls as a junior employee etc"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you get along with everyone it makes it more productive. Working on the till, doing stock control etc and learning about new things. Loved working with new people tooExtra hoursShort lunches"

Sales Assistant (Part-time) says

"When Next PLC took over our Lipsy contracts we as workers were left fending for ourselves within a huge well establish corporation. Again, working here was fun and friendly as it was a part time job and I left with lifelong friends. Daily I would surpass task and money targets within my four shifts and often this would go unnoticed as we were a small store within a large store. Regardless of this I was always a hard worker and willing to keep myself going with a number of store tasks as well as spending valuable time with the customers. The work/life balance was different whilst working for Next PLC; being a full time student I was often not available at the drop of a hat to pick up others shifts and this was often frowned upon. I would however help out at any given chance, class schedule allowing. Working for Next Plc gave me a chance to adjust and work under strict management and I was often told how well I had met this adjustment. From small aspects such as meeting store dress standards (we were expected to purchase and wear Lipsy stock appropriate for our body type, a full face of make up, fake tan, and have no hair out of place) to meeting store standards within floor moves and having company directors visit and complement my standard of work.Lifelong Friendships and learning to work well under strict authority.The cliquishness which was only there as it was two stores in one."

Duty Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work lots of fun, great people good management. Shift work can be annoying as store closes late and is open weekends. Friendly atmosphere.discountshift work"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I am working in Lipsy London, a retail fashion store. I love working there! I am looking to leave my current position though due to irregular work hours. My position involves me working with others, as part of a team. I offer exceptional customer service to all customers. to consistently meet targets, maximise sales while improving my own product knowledge and contribute to the growth of the company.The hardest part of the job is meeting targets.uniform allowancelong, unexpected hours."

Senior Sales/Key holder (Former Employee) says

"Very strict company to work for. Was very quiet at times and the hours would go by so very slow. I had a great relationships with all staff."

Fjfhj says

"Wish I could post a photo I have a pixie Lott dress with faux leather straps that is studded, I still have the tags on it and it's been in my wardrobe for ages the faux leather just peels off its horrendous quality."

Tessa Turner says

"Ordered a gorgeous lipsy cold shoulder dress online. Its about half the size it should be! Like comically so I could see before I triedbto put the dress on that it was too small. You can't just make up your own sizes. Even without that though the quality is terrible. It looks like I have made this dress myself. And I cannot sew. Stitches and thread hanging out everywhere. The buttons holes look like they are just been cut into the fabric , frayed edges everywhere and buttons hanging off."

Taylor says

"shocking in-store service"

Miss Leanne Woolley says

"Ordered a dress for a wedding £120!! I ordered my usual size and I couldn’t even get it half was up my body, so tried the next size up, once again too small! Absolutely shocking how small the sizes are especially for the price! I’d expect this from Primark but not a so called reputable Brand! Nothing like making dresses 2/3 times smaller to encourage people to buy from you! I will never order from lipsy again!"